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Marketing & Leisure supplies started offering a service for online research during 2004 when we felt that we had achieved our aim of offering a service direct to respondents at an affordable price, following the volume of work that our clients have entrusted to us we have been able to negotiate more attractive rates on materials and services which we are now passing back to our clients. With products packed and delivered from as little as £3.50 per respondent in the UK and remarkably very little more for the rest of Europe, we are now establishing ourselves as the market leader for on line product handling.

Due to demand and the rapid growth of internet research PRODUCTS ONLINE was formed with its own dedicated facilities equipped for packing and dispatching products direct to respondents. This sector operates independently under the name of PRODUCTS ONLINE. We have some of the latest packing machinery to enable us to respond to the demand of mailing out to large numbers of respondents. Having handled products within the research industry for some twenty years we have become accustomed to the importance of presentation of products and the necessity of tight timings which makes us unique from normal fulfilment houses, we will meet all your needs wherever possible. Products can be coded and labelled to your specification, fragile products can be packed in foam moulding whereas standard products are protected using air pouches, a variety of formats can be made from small quilted to large air pouches. Products can be heat sealed into poly bags from 25 micron to 200 micron using continuous band sealers or vacuum packers making a secure 10mm seal.

We have access to a vast selection of packaging materials to cover any type of product; our packing methods have taken into account the continued concern over the environment.

Addresses are supplied to us in an excel file which we proof check using the latest address verification system for rogue addresses, duplicate addresses and other anomalies.

Freepost return packaging can be included for the respondents to return products after use with unique respondent ID for tracking.

Free phone helpline services are available which can be monitored in house with the facility to put calls through to any location.

Please feel free to contact us for further details, or if you wish we could visit you to discuss the needs of your business and to access how we could be of service to your company.