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Using the most up to date technology our new, fast, easy, versatile, packaging process provides protection against shock and vibration for safe secure packaging of any kind of samples during shipping and handling. This system is suitable for any product, but especially for fragile samples. MLS have introduced this system with the overnight delivery services in mind. Packed from only £4.75.

MLS have been involved in the packaging of products for over 20 years, and have dealt with every scenario, from concepts through to complicated displays.

Through experience we have set in place procedures that ensure the accurate and careful packaging of all types of consumer products.

We have access to a comprehensive range of materials available for repacking, including a variety of printed tapes that indicate if the contents are chilled, frozen or fragile.

We have 600 sq. foot of packing area with clean room facilities and staff that have been trained in basic food hygiene and hold the relevant certificates.

For chilled and frozen products, the temperature of your products will be maintained during packing as they are transferred into our adjacent temperature controlled packing room. This can be set between +10 (for confectionery) and – 18 for frozen.